A 12 week coaching programme 

that transforms your body and your mindset 

to deliver life-changing results that last.


Lost 17kg and reduced waistline by 20cm in just 12 weeks!*

"I feel amazing! I’m down 2 dress sizes (nearly 3) and I’m just feeling much healthier, more confident and happier with myself. I haven’t had a cold in ages and my hair is growing longer (weird but it’s a thing I’ve been trying to do for ages). All my friends and family have noticed a difference and those that haven’t seen me in a couple of months are shocked with the results. The whole thing has changed my perspective on food and working out. I liked the accountability - not just from the fact that I knew there were regular weigh-ins but with the rest of the TTP crew as well. I would recommend the TTP to anyone who's serious about getting back into shape."

Primal’s Total Transformation Project is made up of three tried-and-tested 28 day exercise & nutrition programmes, designed to take you from sofa surfer to workout warrior is just 12 weeks...


In month one we strip out the rubbish from your diet, get you exercising consistently and start developing a mindset for success. Clients lose an average of 4.5kg of fat in month one.


In month two you will continue to shred fat while tightening and toning your physique. You will begin to see dramatic changes and start forming the habits needed to sustain them.


In month three you will gain strength, burn even more fat and start to find out what your body is capable of achieving. Clients who complete the whole programme have lost up to 23kg of fat!


Lost 22.9kg of fat, gained 2.5kg of muscle, reduced waistline by 18cm*

"This programme has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life and I’m eternally grateful. I was very self conscious of my weight to start with, but I didn’t feel out of place once - everyone was so welcoming! At the beginning I struggled do one hand walkout, but now I can easily complete an entire conditioning class without feeling sick! Loads of my clothes are too big for me now and I can fit into things that were far too small before. The best part about TTP though, was the feeling of being part of a family with a common goal - to better themselves. Everyone wants you to succeed! The group environment helped me so much and special thanks to the trainers who pushed me to keep going when I thought I couldn’t."

Primal's Total Transformation Project combines three magic ingredients:



Forget running endlessly on machines like a hamster! Your TTP training sessions will be fun, engaging and suitably challenging for your current level of fitness. You'll burn fat and get fitter and stronger faster than anything else you can do.


At Primal, we don’t believe in starvation, fad diets or any nutrition systems that require a maths PhD to understand! On the TTP, you’ll learn to plan and prepare delicious, fresh healthy meals and form the lifestyle habits needed for sustainable results.


Our professional team of expert coaches will always be on hand to give you expert advice and support, both in the gym during sessions and on the group Facebook page, where you can also connect with the community taking the TTP journey with you.


Lost 10.3kg of fat, gained 1.5kg of muscle, reduced waistline by 10cm*

"On the TTP I was able to obtain my goal of becoming healthier with achievable and realistic targets that worked around my complex schedule. There was plenty of flexibility with the classes, a great menu to choose from in the Primal cook book and great people to support you - both the coaches and the other people on the course. I feel great, look better, sleep better and have more energy than I did before. A month down the line I have still been able to maintain the weight loss, thanks to the lessons I learned on this programme. I have been able to continue my meal plans with work, and exercise independently with more confidence."

We're so confident in our Total Transformation Project,

we guarantee you’ll get results if you follow the programme,

so you have nothing to lose, except your fears and any unwanted fat!

The Course Includes:


Three training sessions per week

(choose from a wide selection including

mornings, lunchtimes, evenings and weekends)


Progressive training manuals


Workouts designed for results


Workout videos to follow at home


Expert nutritional advice

Meal plans and shopping lists


Primal Cook Book packed with delicious, healthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and treats


Weekly lifestyle and nutrition habits to practice at home


Initial assessment including body metrics, movement screening and a goal setting session

Monthly weigh-in and progress review

Access to the TTP Facebook support group

Plus the "Best Transformation" after

3 months gets a full refund! 


Lost 17kg of fat and reduced waistline by 19cm*

“I was struggling to get motivated, only making it to the gym a couple of times a week and couldn't even do a full press-up. Joining Primal's TTP is the best decision I could have made! The classes were great, the support was good, the motivation of being part of a group really helped. It was only when I started tracking my food that I realised just how much extra crap I ate in between meals! I am now a couple of stone lighter, happier in myself and can do full press ups with plates on my back! Comments I get from friends and family are positive apart from the odd "I didn't realise you were that fat before!" Overall, I am thinner, stronger and more confident. The only down side to the whole thing is none of my clothes fit anymore!"

Get in great shape fast and learn to maintain your results for life


Lost 16.4kg of fat and reduced waistline by 38cm*

"I'd become a right slob - too many takeaways and much too much alcohol. Now I really enjoy healthy cooking and I’ve even set up a monthly order from a local organic farm! I'm 64 and have done very little exercise in years but on the TTP I was able to go at my own speed and never once felt intimated - quite the opposite! I was given nothing but help and encouragement. I have been totally blown away by my weight loss and fitness improvement. I feel like I’m on cloud nine - fitter and healthier, physically as well as mentally!"

Pay monthly, in three instalments, or save 10% by purchasing

the whole 12 week programme upfront:

Primal Gym Members: 3 monthly payments of £100 or £270 upfront

Non-Members: 3 monthly payments of £190 or £513 upfront*




Non-member price includes Unlimited Primal Gym Membership so you will have full access to all our other classes, clubs and facilities. If you would prefer to set up a 3 month membership to get the member's price, please call us on 0113 831 3260

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Want Great Results Like These?

Our combination of fun, effective exercise, expert nutrition & lifestyle guidance and unrivaled support & accountability means everyone can achieve great results on this programme!


It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie who hasn't exercised in years and is, quite frankly, terrified of joining a gym, or a regular gym-goer whose results have simply plateaued. On the Total Transformation Project, everyone is allowed to go at their own pace and will only be pushed to their personal limits. 


However, to get great results you must fully commit to the process, so all we ask is that you meet the following criteria:

Positive attitude

Committed to getting serious results

Able to train 3-5 times per week

Willing to listen to and apply our coaching both inside and outside the gym

Willing to support your fellow members on the course

Willing to invest at least £25 per week in your health and fitness (the price of a Gingerbread Latte a day!)

Don't mind getting sweaty and working hard!

*Everyone is different so everyone's results will vary. You are unique, so your results will be unique to you. These results were achieved by clients who adhered to our guidelines and followed the course to completion.


Lost 15kg of fat*

“It would not be an exaggeration to conclude that Primal has changed my life. When I joined, I was borderline obese and resigned to a life without competitive sport. After just a few months I’d reached the correct weight and body fat percentage for my height and age, I’d completed a Total Warrior and Primal Stampede. In total I've lost 15kg, or a yellow kettle bell! All my clothes are now too big, my wife likes the new slimline ‘Primal Pete’ and I feel better than I have for ages.”


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