Primal Founder

The reason I do what I do is simple: 

I want to prove that change is possible and, in doing so, help people to live happier, healthier lives. For me, the words “that’s just the way things are and there’s nothing you can do about it” have driven almost everything I have ever done. I want people to be passionate about who they are and who they can become, no limitations.

Speak to me about: boxing, nutrition, gut health, injury rehabilitation, postural correction.


Head Coach

Making ordinary people do the extraordinary is why I do this job. Watching clients start out thinking they can't, and seeing their reaction when they do, is awesome. Strength training should be inclusive for everyone, not just big lifters. Everyone has their own starting point and I love to help people progress in strength, and confidence. 

Speak to me about: muscle gain, strength, powerlifting, rugby.


Senior Coach

My mission is to help people enjoy longer, healthier lives by finding a sustainable balance of good nutrition, good movement and strength. For me, happiness is being alive and well for as long as possible. Keeping strong and eating well has enabled me to keep enjoying my lifelong love of outdoor activities. My ultimate goal is to still be snowboarding at the age of 90!

Speak to me about: movement, nutrition, fat loss, sleep, kettlebells.


Senior Coach

"That'll do" will never do!

As someone who is, let's say, a bit picky, I want the best from everyone, myself included. I want to influence the people I work with to actually care about becoming a better version of themselves. Getting to help clients hit their own personal milestones, and feel good about themselves will always be a great reason to come to work.

Speak to me about: kickboxing, kettlebells, calisthenics and all things bodyweight.


Senior Coach

When I played rugby there was nothing better than walking off the field knowing that the preparation you had put in over the previous weeks, months and years had helped you to play that little bit better. A love of coaching more than playing has transformed my passion into seeking out the best ways to improve sports performance through all things speed, power, strength and fitness training. 

Speak to me about: sports performance, athletic performance, female physique development.



As someone who previously hated the idea of the gym, or any exercise in general, I know how daunting it can be starting a new fitness journey. But seeing first hand the how much better life can be when you are fit and healthy, all I want to do is help other people reach the goals that are going to help them feel better in every way.




I want to help people find joy in fitness and fall in love with the process. Self improvement isn't all about muscles and measurements but goals and milestones should be sought after and celebrated! My goal is to make the people I work with feel proud of themselves, supported throughout their journey, and eager to continue achieving.


Front of House Manager

My mission at Primal is to make everyone who steps foot in the door feel seen and special. When it comes to health and fitness, we are all so unique. I’m here to help people feel welcome and comfortable to really thrive on their own fitness journeys. By ensuring a top-quality experience for our members, my goal is to encourage and celebrate people prioritising their health.