Jess Richardson

"I was seriously considering giving up playing hockey, until Mat and the Primal SGPT programme came along."

Nick Busby

"I'm now running faster, jumping higher and farther, lifting heavier and changing direction faster. All this has helped me get selected for Yorkshire Lacrosse."

Rachel Naden

"I'm the fittest I've ever been, my play has noticeably improved, and I often feel untouchable on the pitch."

Jane Holmes

"I'm faster, stronger and leaner than I've been in 10 years! I can now deadlift more than twice my body weight and jump further on one leg that I used to be able to on two!"

Alice Hanton

"It’s so nice to leave my S&C in Mat’s hands and not have to worry about that area of my game, knowing that I’ll be physically prepared for competitions."

Peter Bretherton

Won the National Clay Courts Doubles Championships for the 70s age group & reached the final of the National Grass Courts Doubles Championships at Wimbledon

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