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Primal Gym, The Boulevard, Leeds Dock, Leeds, LS10 1PZ

Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 6am - 10pm, Friday 6am- 8:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 4pm

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Take the first step towards getting in the best shape of your life

Have you ever been prevented from achieving your health and fitness goals because of one of these common obstacles?

Lack of support

No motivation

Not enough willpower

Pain or injuries

Lack of confidence

Knowing what to eat

Knowing how to exercise

Getting bored

Low energy

Have you thought about doing personal training before but didn't think you could afford it?


Personal Training, Evolved

Small Group Personal Training at Primal Gym in Leeds is the fastest, most effective and most cost effective way to get great results and learn how to maintain your results for life. You'll get all the benefits of personal training, at a fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of group support & accountability!


Lost 10kg of fat in time for her wedding

"When I started small group personal training at Primal, my goal was to lose weight for my wedding. Now, nearly 6 months after my wedding, I have no intention of stopping!​ The coaches have helped me get into the best shape I've ever been in, dropping over 10kg of fat. My diet has changed drastically and I have really seen the impact of this, not only in fat loss but also my health has massively improved. I used to always suffer from colds/flu and now I can't remember the last time I was ill! Darren has also been a huge help in the recovery of some netball related injuries (broken ankle/pulled ligaments and issues with my shoulder). I couldn't recommend Primal's small group personal training enough!”

The Best Decision You'll Ever Make For Your Health

Are you fed up of feeling frustrated with the way you look or feel?

Have you tried every diet and exercise plan and never achieved sustainable results?

Are you tired of gyms promising unrealistic results with one-size-fits-all programmes?

Are you fed up of different "experts" giving you conflicting advice?

Have you had enough of being treated like a number on a spreadsheet rather than a unique individual with unique circumstances, goals, obstacles and motivations?

Stop waiting around for the next cheap-and-cheerful, quick-fix solution that promises results it can never deliver, while you continue to feel frustrated with your body shape or health. Take control of your health and fitness and finally start seeing the results you've always wanted.


Lost 6kg fat and gained 4kg of muscle

"SGPT at Primal has been hard work at times, but always loads of fun, and I’m really pleased with my results. All my lifts are the heaviest they’ve ever been, and I’ve even got below 7% body fat for the first time! The training programmes the coaches designed for me have been fantastic. I couldn’t recommend Coach Steve, Primal Gym and all the trainers there enough."

Here's What You Get With Primal SGPT:

Goal Setting Session

We want to hear your personal story, find out what you want to achieve and why, and figure out what's prevented you from achieving or maintaining your goals before. Everyone's story is different and there are no set plans that work for everyone, so we feel it's important to find out exactly what makes you tick.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

You'll receive a nutrition guide and meal plan, designed to help you achieve your goals, and a Primal cook book packed with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your coach will regularly check your food diary to make sure you're staying on plan and help you set new habits to make your changes sustainable.

Support & Accountability

You will get access to the Primal SGPT Facebook page, where members can ask the coaches questions, share recipe ideas or moments of success or weakness. We regularly share tips on the page to help you understand the science behind what you're doing and achieve your goals faster.

Advanced Assessment

Including body metrics (body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass), posture analysis, functional movement screening to identify any weaknesses, performance test to help you set benchmarks for improvement and lifestyle assessment looking at stress levels, sleep patterns, eating habits and food choices.

Training Sessions

You will have an allowance of THREE training sessions per week, choosing from a timetable of more than 30 sessions, including mornings, lunchtimes, evenings & weekends. Your SGPT sessions will be shared by up to five other clients, each with their own programme, and led by either one or two senior Primal Coaches. 

Free Gym Membership

Primal SGPT includes free unlimited gym membership, so you will also have full access to all Primal Classes (Conditioning, Strength, Power, Core, Boxing Conditioning & Pilates) and all Primal Clubs, plus full use of the facilities, including the sauna, outside of your SGPT sessions.

Personalised Programme

Following your assessment, we will create a fitness programme tailored to you. This can include cardio, resistance and strength training, mobilisations, stretching and corrective exercises and advice on what to do between your sessions - whatever you need to start making progress towards your goals.

Monthly Catch Ups

Every month you'll have a one-to-one catch up with your coach to check you're progressing towards your goals. You can check your body metrics, re-take the movement assessment or performance test, or just talk about any obstacles, before we move you onto the next stage of your programme.

Money Back Guarantee

When you make an investment, you expect a return, right? It should be no different with your health and fitness. That's why, if you sign up for Primal SGPT, we'll guarantee your results. If you follow all our instructions perfectly for at least 6 months and don't see results, we'll return every penny.


We don't sell PT "by the session" at Primal, but if you're "doing the math" that's just £16.25 per session!

We challenge you to find personal training of this standard cheaper in Leeds!


Lost 17kg fat, reduced waist by 38cm

"Before joining Primal I was a yo-yo dieter and totally unfit. I kicked off with their Total Transformation Project and with the help and patience of the trainers, managed to lose 17kg of fat and was voted "Most Inspirational Member" at the Primal Awards! After the TTP I moved onto small group personal training. A lot of my programming is focused on my posture, as over the years my spine and shoulders have become curved. I don't always appreciate how far I have come until I realise I'm running up five flights of stairs at work instead of taking the lift, without getting out of breath. I am amazed and humbled by the compliments I get, not just on my weight loss but also how much healthier I look. I've just had a pre-op assessment and when the nurse picked my notes up, she asked me my date of birth again and said "I would never have guessed! You don't look 65 - your health is excellent". I walked out feeling ten feet tall."

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