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How many times have you started a new health plan, only to quit due to boredom, injury or a lack of willpower?


Boring workouts, unrealistic diets and overcrowded, unsupportive gyms make it tough to stick to any plan.

Most people find themselves stuck on a constant cycle of "can't wait to get started" and "can't wait to quit."


(like a hamster on a wheel!)



Success requires consistency, but to stay consistent, your health plan must be realistic, enjoyable, effective and affordable.


Small Group Personal Training at Primal Gym in Leeds delivers everything you need for a consistent routine; progressive programmes, nutrition plans you can stick to, recipes you'll love, lifestyle coaching and constant support.


And because you share your Coach with a few other clients, you get THREE sessions per week for the same price you'd normally pay for ONE private session.



Only £100 | No Contract | No Tie-Ins

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Lost 15kg and dropped 4 dress sizes in 6 months*

"After leaving uni, I'd gone from being a sporty, active girl to teetering on the edge of obesity. The more weight I put on, the more excuses I’d make. My confidence was at an all-time low.

So two months before my 30th birthday I decided I was going to make a change and do whatever was necessary to look and feel better.


I’d walked past Primal countless times, too intimidated to join, but finally found the courage to enquire about their small group personal training, as I knew I’d need the motivation of a PT to keep me on track.

Fast forward 6 months and not only have I achieved my goal of losing a stone - I’ve actually lost over 2.3 stone and dropped four dress sizes I’m stronger than ever before, I’ve revolutionised my diet and gained a great deal of confidence."


Lost 17kg of fat, reduced body fat by 15% in 7 months

"I had gone from a fairly healthy 13 stone at the age of 30, to a sluggish 17 stone, bordering on clinical obesity in my early 40s.


Small Group Personal Training at Primal Gym in Leeds changed my whole outlook on living, in a way that is sustainable. I'm the fittest I've been for 20 years but I still enjoy the occasional treat.

After just 7 months, my weight is down to 14 stone, my body fat is just under 10% and I've never felt better. I do not feel 44 years old (and certainly don't act it sometimes!) I've never done so much physical activity in my life but it's actually great fun. 

Primal isn't just any old gym for me, it's now part of my lifestyle, an insurance policy for both physical and mental wellbeing, a place to socialise and relax. It's an investment in my future and it's worth every penny."



With Primal's 30 Day Small Group Personal Training Trial there is no hidden catch!

We're confident that when you try training this way, you will want to continue with your plan beyond the trial. But if SGPT isn't for you, no worries! There is no obligation to stay on for more than 30 days.


So you have nothing to lose!


Sound good?



Lost 2 stone and 13% body fat in 6 months

"I was previously a member of a cheap (but not cheerful) gym in Leeds city centre but it really wasn't working for me. I thought Primal was way out of my league but I couldn't have been more wrong. The community feel is so strong due to the friendly coaches and support of the other clients.


"To say Primal has changed my life would be a complete understatement! My whole approach to fitness and health has been transformed. I have been re-educated on nutrition and taken away lifelong habits, while gaining confidence exercising. My mental health has improved significantly - I hadn't realised how anxious I had been until it went away.


Small group personal training at Primal Gym is really worth every penny. You have to see it as an investment in yourself - you are worth it and the service you receive is absolutely worth its weight in gold!"

The Ingredients For Success

If you want to get the results you've always dreamed of, there are no short cuts. It takes commitment! But to commit to a plan you need to enjoy it, feel supported and see results. That's why Primal's Small Group Personal Training combines these key ingredients...



Forget running endlessly on a treadmill like a hamster. You'll get your own training plan designed to get you to your goals whilst keeping your training interesting. Your SGPT sessions will be shared by like-minded clients on similar a journey to yours, creating a real sense of support and camaraderie.



We're not into starvation, fad diets or complicated nutrition systems! We focus on building the gradual habits needed for long term results. You'll get a nutrition guide, recipe book and food trackers plus we'll work with you to develop healthy new lifestyle habits and develop a success mindset.

SGPT Icon Blue.png


Sure, you can do this alone, but your chances of success skyrocket when you have your own personal cheerleader! You'll be assigned your own Primal Coach who will offer constant support and accountability. Connect with them any time through our Primal SGPT app.



Lost 6kg of fat and gained 4kg of muscle in 6 months

"I'm really pleased with my results. 

All my lifts are the heaviest they've ever been and I've even got below 7% body fat for the first time! 

The training programmes the Coaches have designed have been fantastic. Of course it's been hard work at times, but always loads of fun. 

I couldn't recommend small group personal training at Primal Gym enough."


The Trial Includes...

Goal Setting

To achieve your goals you first need to get crystal clear on what those goals are, why you want to achieve them and what's prevented you from doing so before. That's why we start your journey with an in-depth goal setting exercise plus a health & lifestyle questionnaire.

Tailor Made Pencil Ruler Icon.png
Advanced Assessment

Including body metrics analysis (body fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass etc), posture analysis, functional movement screening to identify any instabilities or weaknesses, performance test to help you set benchmarks for improvement.

Programme Icon.png
Personalised Programme

Following your assessment, we'll create a fitness programme tailored to you. This can include cardio, resistance and strength training, mobilisations, stretching and corrective exercises and advice on what to do in between your sessions. Whatever you need!

Personalised Nutrition Plan

You'll receive a nutrition guide and meal plan, designed to help you achieve your goals, and a Primal Cook Book packed with healthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even indulgences. If you're happy to track your food your coach will check it regularly and offer feedback to help keep you on track.

Training Sessions

You will have three small group personal training sessions per week, shared by up to 7 other people, each with their own programme. The Coach will split their time between the clients, making sure everyone knows what they're doing and making any corrections to form.

Constant Support

You'll get access to our Primal Coach app, where you can access your programmes, exercise demo videos and progress stats. You'll also be able to message your Coach through the app at any time to ask questions or get support, keeping you on track with your plan.


Only £100 | No Contract | No Tie-Ins

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Lost 10kg of fat in time for her wedding*

"When I started small group personal training at Primal Gym, my goal was to lose weight for my wedding. Now, nearly 6 months after my wedding, I have no intention of stopping!

The Coaches have helped me get into the best shape I've ever been in, dropping over 10kg of fat. My diet has changed drastically and I have really seen the impact of this, not only in fat loss but also my health has massively improved. I used to suffer a lot from colds and flu and now I can't remember the last time I was ill! 

They've also been a huge help in the recovery of some netball related injuries (broken ankle, pulled ligaments and some issues with my shoulder). I can't recommend Primal enough!" 

*Everyone is different so everyone's results will vary. You are unique, so your results will be unique to you. These results were achieved by clients who followed their programmes closely, adhered to their nutritional guidelines.