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"I've been a member of lots of different gyms, had numerous gym programmes and before Primal I didn't feel like I'd been able to reach anywhere near my full potential. Initially I was skeptical about their athletic performance small group personal training, and after previous experiences, I wasn't sure that the package would be worth it. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

Before starting Primal, I often struggled to keep a solid routine in the gym. I got bored of the programmes I'd been given and wasn't confident with the exercises or being in the gym and most of all, I wasn't seeing many benefits from all my efforts. Primal has broken all these barriers. 

Mat is a fantastic personal trainer, coach and friend. His programmes are tailored specifically to our individual sports, our weekly routines and any niggles we have. This means we are often challenged with new exercises, the programmes never become repetitive and if there is an exercise that doesn't suit you, it can be changed immediately. 

Rachel Naden 3.png
Rachel Naden.png

Mat is always available if you need him and has gone above and beyond what I would expect from a PT.

I've only been training with Mat at Primal for 7 months to help me prepare for the World Ultimate Club Championships, and I can already run faster, jump higher, lift far heavier and can do three full chin ups in a row - something I wouldn't have managed on my own. 

I'm the fittest I've ever been, my play has noticeably improved, and I often feel untouchable on the pitch. My teammates have actively commented on my performance, and I can attribute all this to my SGPT at Primal. I can't wait to get back to training for the next season and international competition.

It's not just the programming at Primal though, it's the atmosphere too. I now manage to get up for sessions at 6am, I never miss a sessions because of a poor excuse and the motivation from Mat and the group is amazing. I didn't join the gym for the social but it's been a lovely additional extra and I've made some great new friends. 

I honestly can't recommend Primal's athletic performance training enough, especially if you want to aim higher in your sport. 

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