My Top Tips For Finding Time To Train

Despite being in lockdown, in recent months, I have found myself busier than ever. Where once I could easily find an hour a day for training, now that seems like an impossibility.

The way I get around this time constraint is to break my daily training routine into chunks of between ten to thirty minutes, two to three times per day.

This approach offers a few benefits: Firstly, It stops me from getting bored with doing the same thing for an hour.

Secondly, it's way less daunting because whatever I do, I know I will not be doing it for too long.

Thirdly, there is some evidence to suggest that splitting your training out into smaller chunks throughout the day is more beneficial than doing a more prolonged, single session.

Lastly, perhaps most importantly, I only have to find a short amount of time for each workout, which reduces the number of "blockers" or obstacles to getting started.

Sometimes, for example, I combine my twenty-minute resistance band workout in the evening with bathing my baby daughter. I can do the training right there in the bathroom while she splashes around.

At lunchtime, I might do thirty minutes of boxing in the garden or a twenty-minute run around the block.

And in the morning, a quick mobility or "energiser" workout is perfect for getting the day started., especially if you only have ten minutes spare.

Here are three exercises you can use to get the day started. Do one minute on each exercise, one after the other as a circuit, and perform that circuit for either one, two or three sets, depending on how much time you have available.

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