4 Mistakes Skinny Guys Make When Eating For Mass

By Darren Faulkner and Chris Kershaw

Let’s just set the record straight from the start, there are no “Hard Gainers”, only poor eaters.

Gaining mass is “simply” a matter of eating more food than you are currently eating and then using the appropriate training protocols to make sure as much of that new mass as possible, is piled on in the form of shirt sleeve-tearing muscle.

You may have noticed that the word “simply” is in inverted commas - so you know there’s a catch!

Well, the catch is - saying “gaining mass is simply a matter of eating more food” is a bit like saying “getting stronger is simply a matter of lifting heavier weights”. 

It is simple - it just ain’t that easy!

The fact is that eating more food, especially for “Hard Gainers”, is extremely difficult - hence the “Hard” part.

For various reasons, you get used to eating a certain amount of food each day, your routine suits it, your energy balance suits it and your appetite suits it. 

Cramming a load more food into your tum every day not only needs a conscious and consistent effort, you need to plan and you need to avoid a few very common mistakes.

However, if you avoid the following four big mistakes you can make “Hard Gaining” a whole lot easier.


What? Eating too much protein? Is that even possible?

Of course you need protein to build muscle but for hard gainers you need a lot less than you might think. 2 grams of protein per kilogram of target bodyweight is ideal for increasing muscle mass. If you weigh 65kg and you want get to 75kg you don’t need any more than 150g protein each day.

Whilst you might naturally assume that more = more, what you will actually find is that eating more protein than that will leave you struggling to make up your total daily calories.

Here’s the “Protein Problem” - it’s extremely filling!

So, if you’re already struggling to get enough calories in, eating super-filling foods isn’t going to help.