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​Lost 15kg of fat and changed career!

"To borrow from Monty Python - what has Primal done for me?


"Well, I am fitter, leaner, lighter, healthier, happier, better company, more confident, more relaxed, sleeping better, more alert and a better husband!

"As a direct result of my success as a client at Primal, I decided to embark upon a series of courses to learn about and become part of the fitness industry. I now run my own bootcamps and have a number of PT clients!

"On a more superficial level, as a first generation mod, I have always had an interest in clothes and music and the changes I have made appeal to my vanity.  It feels good to get back being a medium from my previous status as an extra large.

"Over the years I have been a member of many gyms both locally and in other parts of the country and I can honestly say that I have never found anywhere quite like Primal.


"The intelligence, enthusiasm and integrity of the trainers is unsurpassed. The ever-changing array of groups, classes and education keep things fresh and the quality and variation of equipment maintains the interest.


"I have been made welcome from day one and have always felt comfortable and accepted as part of the group/team/class. As one of the older members it can be rather daunting joining in something populated by people far younger than yourself - generally a similar age to your own offspring - but I have never felt that I don’t fit in and the friendly reaction I get from my fellow trainers is a source of great satisfaction.


"I take this into my life away from the gym and enjoy the company of colleagues and friends of all ages and do not now feel the need to only socialise with my own generation.

"So, back to John Cleese.... I now know stuff, I can do things, I can teach, I am fit, I fit, I don’t ache, I am lively. I could go on!


"Still can’t touch my bloody toes though!"



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Everyone is different so everyone's results will vary. You are a unique individual, so your results will be unique to you.

However, if you follow the plan, keep showing up and put in the work, you can get great results too.

If your plan's not working for you, we will change it! You will not be left in the dark.

Timeframes for results will vary depending on your starting point and level of commitment.

We only show you the best! Those who don't stick to the plan, do not see results like these.

There are no "quick fix" solutions. To get great results and maintain them, you will have to make permanent changes in your life.