International Senior Tennis Champion

My main sport has always been tennis and I have competed at County and National level all my life and as a senior player at international level. At the age of 74, my main goal now is to be able to continue to play tennis and to compete at a national and international level in my own age group, with a secondary aim to stay healthy and proactive so that I have enough energy and strength to enjoy our three grandchildren.

From my early 50s I had been a reluctant attendee at various gyms, giving them up either through boredom, lack of tennis related activity - e.g. lots of tedious running on treadmills to little purpose - or trainers moving on as gyms merged or shut down. This random process led me to Darren and then Primal some twelve years ago and it was at that point, when I was over 60, that things changed.

Having established my aims, Darren’s rigorous assessment of my form in the gym led to programmes to strengthen my core and improve my mobility. When I mentioned “losing a bit of weight” to Darren, a similar detailed assessment led to a change in my diet which enabled me to lose weight quite quickly.


During my sixties, when I was working full time, I was able to maintain my lower weight relatively easily without feeling that I was too weak, always hungry or on a diet – helped by the occasional reading of the riot act by Darren in the nicest possible way. During those years I was able to play occasionally at a standard I felt was acceptable on the basis that I was unable to have the time to train and practise seriously.

When I retired, I was able to concentrate more on getting fitter. That enabled me to play more and I achieved better results, hence winning the National Clay Courts Doubles Championships for the 70s age group at the International Tournament at Bournemouth in May 2018, and then retaining my title in May 2019. In August 2019, I reached the final of the National Grass Courts Doubles Championships at Wimbledon in the same age group.

The foundation of my improvement was down to Darren's careful consideration of my aims and objectives and tailored programming which are both age-related and tennis specific, geared towards improving my core strength, balance, footwork, hand/feet/brain reaction times and explosive foot speed. 


The training sessions with Darren are always varied, never repetitive and never boring. Darren's flexibility to accommodate sessions with me at short notice are a big help, especially when they gear up in intensity as my tournament schedule approaches.

The atmosphere at Primal is fantastic and makes me (not previously the most enthusiastic gym attender) want to return for more. I always look forward to the encouragement and enthusiastic support I get from Darren and the other coaches.

At Primal you are not just another client, they always have your best interests at heart! 


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