The peace of mind that your health and fitness is in professional hands.

You've put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business, juggling a busy career with a busy personal life.

Let Primal's professional, experienced Coaches take care of your health & fitness. This is the personal training you deserve.

I see it is a health insurance policy. When people say, "Can you buy health?" or "Can you buy confidence?" I say yes you can - because you can buy personal training. Since joining Primal I've gone from having no motivation to looking forward to every session, my confidence has grown and I feel so much fitter - it’s now a pleasure going to the gym! I have worked in the health and fitness industry for 13 years and at last I have found a gym that has got it right! 


Jane Marshall

Personal training at Primal is a break in a very busy day to think about something other than business, to relieve stress, boost my energy and clear my mind. I find a training session at 11am gives my body and mind a real boost for a busy afternoon. I am fitter and feel healthier and the Coaches have helped me fast track my recovery from a spinal injury, giving me a better quality of life. Primal has a more personal touch than any other gym I've tried and they can tailor to your requirements. As a senior executive who travels a lot, it can be difficult to find continuity but the Coaches can give advice on what to try when you're away.

Steve McCallion

We Get It!

At Primal, we understand how hard you've worked and how much you've sacrificed to achieve your level of success. However, your health should not be one of those sacrifices. That's why, if you entrust us with taking care of your fitness and wellbeing, we will take that responsibility very seriously, going above and beyond to ensure you're in the best shape possible to thrive in both your business and your personal life.

Our Commitment To You

When you make a financial investment, you expect a return.

It should be no different with your health and fitness.

In return for investing in your health and fitness at Primal, you will get:

Goal Setting Session

We want to hear your personal story, find out what you want to achieve and why, and figure out what's prevented you from achieving or maintaining your goals before. Everyone's story is different and there are no set plans that work for everyone, so we feel it's important to find out exactly what makes you tick.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

You'll receive a nutrition guide and meal plan, designed to help you achieve your goals, and a Primal cook book packed with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your coach will regularly check your food diary to make sure you're staying on plan and help you set new habits to make your changes sustainable.

Support & Accountability

At Primal our PTs follow the mantra "always be coaching." That means your Coach will always be on hand to answer any questions, whether that's in the gym or when you're at home or work. If you're unsure about a certain food - just ask. If you're feeling demotivated - speak up! We are here to help.

Advanced Assessment

Including body metrics (body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass), posture analysis, functional movement screening to identify any weaknesses, performance test to help you set benchmarks for improvement and lifestyle assessment looking at stress levels, sleep patterns, eating habits and food choices.

Training Sessions

Your training sessions are 100% about you. If you're feeling energetic and ambitious, your Coach will help you to push yourself to your personal limits. If you're feeling low and demotivated, your Coach will work with you to overcome your obstacles. Personal training is not just about counting reps - it's about fostering a trusting relationship.

Gym Membership

All Personal Training packages at Primal include free unlimited gym membership, so you will also have full access to all Primal Classes (Conditioning, Strength, Power, Core, Boxing Conditioning & Pilates) and all Primal Clubs plus full use of the facilities, (including the sauna) outside of your PT sessions.

Personalised Programme

Following your assessment, we will create a fitness programme tailored to you. This can include cardio, resistance and strength training, mobilisations, stretching and corrective exercises and advice on what to do between your sessions - whatever you need to start making progress towards your goals.

Monthly Catch Ups

Every 4-6 weeks you'll meet with your Coach for a progress review, to ensure you're moving towards your goals. You can check your body metrics, re-take the movement assessment or performance test, or just talk about any obstacles, before we move you onto the next stage of your programme.

Money Back Guarantee

Primal is the only gym in Leeds that guarantees you will get results. Our promise to you is simple: follow all of our instructions perfectly for 6 months and we guarantee you’ll look and feel better. If you haven't seen any results in that time, we’ll refund your entire investment. So you have nothing to lose! 

The price of your Primal personal training package will vary depending on the number of sessions you wish to have each week and the length of time to which you wish to commit. Please enquire for details.

You spend tireless hours ensuring your clients are happy, your team is motivated and your family is loved and provided for.

Find some solace, de-stress and enjoy some "me time" at Primal, safe in the knowledge you're working with experienced professionals.

My clients and friends have been telling me I look great and I must admit I certainly feel it. I am 57 this year and I feel so much younger and more energised. I have been doing personal training at Primal for over a year now and the programmes have been challenging yet varied and enjoyable. Coupled with a sensible diet, I have seen the rewards. I've increased my flexibility, strength, endurance and, above all, wellbeing. Excellent gym and top quality assistance from my Coach, Oliver.

Keith Jackson

I had become totally fed up with the normal gym monotony, fad diets, pains in my stomach and bloating. I was taking 17 tablets a day to help with the discomfort! That was two years ago. Now, thanks to Darren’s advice, I don’t take any medication and I am more toned and slimmer than I was before I had my two children. I'm 45 years old now and my body shape is the best it's been since I was a teenager.

Carla Paniagua-Gutierrez


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