Lost 22kg and dropped 4 dress sizes in 12 months

"After leaving uni 9 years ago, I had slipped into increasingly unhealthy eating and exercise habits.


I’d gone from being a sporty, active girl to lazy and teetering on the edge of obesity. The more weight I put on, the more excuses I’d make about having no time to exercise or being too busy or stressed to eat healthily.


So two months before my 30th birthday I decided I was going to make a change and do whatever was necessary to look and feel better than I ever had before.

I’d tried Weight Watchers – pointless. Tried Slimming World – quit after one meeting. Tried just counting calories – tedious.

My confidence was at an all-time low and I knew I needed to drastically change my lifestyle to stave off obesity. I wanted to feel great going into my thirties!

I’d walked past Primal countless times, too intimidated to join, but eventually I found the courage to enquire about their small group personal training, as I knew I’d need the motivation of a personal trainer to keep me going back.


When I stepped inside Primal on my first day, it was with great trepidation - mostly a feeling of shame because I was embarrassed about how much I’d let myself go and was concerned that I’d be the only unfit person in the gym....


"Fast forward 12 months and not only have I achieved my goal of losing a stone - I’ve actually lost 3.6 stone, gained 3kg of muscle, reduced my body fat by 25% and dropped 12 inches from my waist!
I’ve had to (happily) replace my entire wardrobe, I’m stronger than ever before, I’ve revolutionised my diet, gained a great deal of confidence and found a new passion for powerlifting!"

I can honestly say that I look forward to going to the gym now, and that’s mostly thanks to the incredible coaches. They’re true professionals who know their stuff and obviously love what they do.

It’s not only the expert coaching they give during sessions, but the humour (bad jokes) and advice on nutrition, sleep and stress that are all so valuable.

Exercise alone was never going to shift the pounds. Getting your nutrition right is such a huge part of losing weight. Primal’s approach to nutrition has meant that I’ve been able to lose weight without ever feeling hungry or feeling like I can’t have a pizza or a few too many glasses of prosecco every once in a while.

I absolutely love my programme, which changes every month. You won’t find any cookie cutter workout plans here – every single exercise is tailored to you, based on your goals and the progress you've made each month.

No matter what level you’re at, rest assured the coaches are there to support you and help you achieve your goals.


Considering joining Primal? DO IT! Chances are it could change your life like it has mine."



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Everyone is different so everyone's results will vary. You are a unique individual, so your results will be unique to you.

However, if you follow the plan, keep showing up and put in the work, you can get great results too.

If your plan's not working for you, we will change it! You will not be left in the dark.

Timeframes for results will vary depending on your starting point and level of commitment.

We only show you the best! Those who don't stick to the plan, do not see results like these.

There are no "quick fix" solutions. To get great results and maintain them, you will have to make permanent changes in your life.