​Lost 9.6kg of fat and reduced waistline by 9.8cm in just 28 days 

Martin Walker, 47, won a place on Primal Gym’s 28 Day Fat Loss Challenge. He was skeptical about some of the claims to start with!


“Lose up to 7kg of fat in just one month with no starvation? Far-fetched I thought, but I went into it with an open mind.

“For too many years I’d been trying gyms, workout DVDs, dieting and even diet pills but nothing seemed to work. I was borderline obese and very unhappy with my body shape.

“At the Challenge induction, I realised I would need to change the way I thought about exercise and nutrition. The focus was very much on teaching us how to do it for ourselves, for life, instead of a quick fix."

“To start with, the classes were harder than I thought and getting through the initial cravings was tough, but the encouragement from Primal’s trainers and the other participants really helped.

“In 28 days I managed to shift 9.6kg of fat - that’s a stone and a half! I reduced my waistline by 9.8cm and body fat by 9.1% but the best part is, 3 months later, I’ve managed to keep it all off!

“I’m feeling fitter, looking healthier and I’ve got more energy. I’m getting compliments from friends and even the doctor’s commended me for improving my health.

“This programme really works and I would recommend it to anyone, but you need to give it your all and stop looking for loopholes because that won’t help you reach your potential!”


Want Results Like These?

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