Help your team to achieve their health & fitness goals, whilst improving staff morale, increasing productivity and reducing stress, with our Bespoke Corporate Membership Packages.


Health and fitness used to be seen as the responsibility of individuals, but more and more forward-thinking companies are beginning to recognise that the return on investing in their team’s wellbeing is tenfold…

Increased productivity

Better staff morale

Greater team spirit

Improved employee engagement

Better public image

Reduced illness & absenteeism

Lower sick pay costs

Less stress

Lower employee turnover

Teams That Play Together, Stay Together

Training with colleagues benefits both the individual and the team.


As an individual, you’re far more likely to stick to a consistent routine when your colleagues are doing it too, meaning you’ll achieve your goals much faster and maintain your results for longer.


As a team, the camaraderie that develops while sweating it out together in classes carries through to the office, creating a more supportive working environment. 



Primal's corporate membership packages start at £45 per person per month* paid upfront by the company, which includes gym access and a bespoke class pass, plus you can include any or all of these additional bolt-ons...


Strategy Sessions

Find out your body fat and muscle levels, test your movement strengths and weaknesses, get clear on your goals, set some achievable targets and design your training plan.


Primal Classes

Fun, engaging, suitable for all levels & covering all the exercise essentials: Strength, Core, Power, Conditioning, MSM (Movement, Stability & Mobility), Boxing Conditioning, and Pilates

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Whether you want to work as a team or get additional guidance on an individual basis, our coaches can design bespoke exercise or nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals.


Progress Reviews

Monthly catch ups with a Primal Coach to check you’re progressing towards your goals. Re-test your body metrics & movement and get some advice on overcoming any obstacles.


Primal Clubs

Spend time doing what you love, hone your skills or learn something new. Primal Clubs include: Boxing, Kickboxing, Calisthenics, Kettlebells, Powerlifting,

Strength & Conditioning


Nutrition Coaching

If your team needs help cleaning up their diet, we can provide meal plans, shopping lists, Primal cook books, office lunch ideas, food diaries for tracking and regular check ups on progress.


In-Office Services

Primal’s Coaches can come to your office to deliver private Health MOTs. We can also give workshops on topics such as nutrition or stress reduction - whatever is relevant to your team.

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Bespoke Classes

Designed exclusively for your team, based on your combined goals or the activities that you love. Run during the quieter hours of the day so you can have the gym to yourselves!

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Team Days

Office socials with a difference! Arrange an old school sports day (egg & spoon anyone?) or put the team through their paces with a military style outdoor bootcamp.

*This price is negotiable, based on the number of people at your organisation who want to train at Primal. If you are only a small company, you can just enjoy a 20% discount on our standard class memberships.

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