Lost 17kg and reduced waistline by 20cm in 3 months

"I feel amazing! I’m down 2 dress sizes (nearly 3) and I’m just feeling much healthier, more confident and happier with myself. I haven’t had a cold and my hair is growing longer (weird but it’s a thing I’ve been trying to do for ages).


"All my friends and family have noticed a difference and those that haven’t seen me in a couple of months are shocked with the results.

"The whole thing has changed my perspective on food and working out. I liked the accountability - not just from the fact that I knew there were regular assessments but from the other members as well.


"The Facebook community is great and really helps me (slightly awkward at first when you don’t know anyone but I’ve made friends from this now). 

"I would recommend Primal to anyone who's serious about getting back into shape. I’m using this as my starting point as my goal this year was to get into the best shape of my life and I now feel I have the tools and support I need to finally achieve this."


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Everyone is different so everyone's results will vary. You are a unique individual, so your results will be unique to you.

However, if you follow the plan, keep showing up and put in the work, you can get great results too.

If your plan's not working for you, we will change it! You will not be left in the dark.

Timeframes for results will vary depending on your starting point and level of commitment.

We only show you the best! Those who don't stick to the plan, do not see results like these.

There are no "quick fix" solutions. To get great results and maintain them, you will have to make permanent changes in your life.