The perfect antidote to quarantine monotony! Give your fitness a kickstart, boost your health & wellbeing and get back into a consistent routine with this four week programme of online exercise and nutrition coaching.

Does any of the following sound like you?

Your fitness and/or health have diminished due to the lockdown

You've fallen out of a regular fitness routine and your days are lacking structure

You'd like to rediscover a love for fresh food and cooking healthy meals

You're feeling a bit lost, disconnected, unsupported or lonely

You're feeling low in energy, lethargic and struggling to motivate yourself to get back on track

You're getting bored with the same old walking route and Youtube workouts

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this programme is for you.

Primal's 28 Day Lockdown Challenge is an online programme of exercise and nutrition coaching that will help you to escape "Groundhog Day" and regain a sense of stability and routine.

Our combination of fun, effective exercise, no-nonsense nutrition & lifestyle coaching and constant support & accountability will take you from sofa surfer to workout warrior in just four short weeks.

Give your fitness and energy levels a much-needed boost, rediscover your mojo and retake control of your health and wellbeing by signing up for our next programme!

Results Guaranteed!

Here's what you get with Primal's 28 Day Lockdown Challenge...

Online Workouts

You will get 3-4 live online workouts per week, which require no equipment and can be done at home or in the garden. Each workout will include mobilisations, warm ups, strength & cardio work and cool down stretches. All exercises are demonstrated with regressions and progressions so you can work to your personal fitness & ability levels.

Goal Setting Session

Everyone's goals, motivations and challenges are different so we feel it's important to find out exactly what makes you tick. We'll ask you to tell us your story so we can help you overcome your personal obstacles and find your own path to success.

Nutrition Guidance

You'll receive a nutrition guide, a Primal cook book packed with nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner, food diaries if you want to track your intake and new healthy habits to adopt each week. Your coach will check in with you regularly to make sure you're staying on plan and help you overcome any obstacles you might be facing. 

Coffee Catch Ups

Every week you'll have a group catch up with a Primal coach via Zoom. This is your chance to share your achievements and challenges, ask any questions, connect with your fellow members and find out what to expect from the following week.

Lifestyle Coaching

The key to long term success is consistency. After all, exercise and nutrition plans only work for as long as you follow them! That's why we work with you on this programme to help you develop a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn't work for you personally, and form the mindset required to maintain your healthy new habits for life.

Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in our tried-and-tested programmes that we guarantee you'll get results! Our promise to you is simple: follow all our instructions perfectly for 4 weeks and if you don't look or feel better, we'll refund your entire investment. 

"The changes I've experienced are inside and out. I'm sleeping better, I'm happier, I've got tonnes of clarity and focus. There was nothing 'wrong' with me before - I'm just happier in my own skin now."

Sarah Hackett*

"This programme has literally transformed my life. My body is healthier and stronger, my mind is more focused and sharp, my confidence is through the roof! Thank you, this has made me."

David Firth*

"I'm 64 and have done very little exercise in years but I was able to go at my own speed and never once felt intimated. I feel like I’m on cloud nine - fitter and healthier, physically as well as mentally!"

Pat Barker*

"I feel amazing! I’m just feeling much healthier, more confident and happier with myself. I haven’t had a cold in ages! The whole thing has changed my perspective on food and working out."

Charlotte Tilstone*

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Primal's '28 Day Lockdown Challenge' starts on:

MONDAY 8th JUNE 2020

Primal Gym Members: £25*

Non-Members: £95**

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* Primal Gym members can do this course for free if you refer a non-member to this course. Email us to let us know who you've referred and we'll sign you up free of charge.

**Non-member price includes Unlimited Primal Gym Membership so you will have full access to all our other classes and services as well.


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If required, we can book you in for a free, private consultation with a Coach to answer any questions.

*As this is the first time we have run this programme online, all testimonials featured on this page are from clients who completed similar kickstart programmes in person at Primal Gym. Your results may vary but if you stick to the plan and follow our advice, anyone can get fantastic results on this programme! 

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