I moved to Leeds about 18 months ago and Primal was recommended to me by my girlfriend. I’ve previously been a member of what I would call the large corporate gyms and Primal is definitely different.

The facilities are very good and the coaching advice is excellent, bringing a balance of fitness, nutrition and psychology. Your wellbeing is not just about lifting weights and Primal understand this completely.

I opted for Personal Training because I work better with the 1-on-1 training and require discipline in order to get the best results. My coach is Darren - he’s the best PT I’ve worked with and someone I now consider a friend.

If I’m honest I was a little unsure when I first started as I’m not particularly good at completing training manuals and being told what to do, however I soon realised the methodology is there for a reason. It provides structure and allows the coaches to monitor your progress and adjust your training programme accordingly.

I’ve always enjoyed cardio activity, particularly running, however prior to joining Primal I'd virtually done no weight training. Whilst I’ll never be a “muscle man” I do enjoy the strength training and I’ve noticed it’s improved my running and overall fitness.


The mix of routines that Darren puts together are great fun. Activities I thought would be straight forward (e.g. the ladders) are actually quite challenging - a combination of fitness, balance and flexibility - and the boxing routines we do are equally challenging, combining fitness and technique.


Prior to Primal, when I've trained I’ve tended to stick with the same activities (you do what you know) but since joining Primal the variety of routines has improved my fitness and made training more enjoyable.


The advice and guidance you receive is first class - everything from training programmes to sleep , stress and nutrition - and you start to appreciate that what you do outside the gym is equally as important to how you train.

I run my own company, it’s an international business and we operate across Asia, Europe, North and South America therefore different timezones, which means you very rarely stop. Primal provides the perfect release from this stress - Darren I have a good laugh and we put the world to rights. From my perspective this is just as important as the fitness and nutrition.

My primary reason for training is to stay fit, improve my strength and flexibility. As I get older I appreciate these three elements more and more and see how they add to my general wellbeing and happiness.

My advice to anyone reading this would be give Primal a go. The coaches are excellent, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. Like many things, "you get out of it what you put into it" and Primal provides the environment and expertise to achieve this while having fun along the way!

Recently Darren made me aware I’d be a member for a year and asked me whether I wanted to continue, it was a short answer: ”absolutely"!


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