Great Britain Ultimate Frisbee

Before Primal I just did my own thing in the gym, but progress was slow and I never found a programme I could stick to, or one that was specific to my sport. When I came in for an assessment with Coach Mat, he could immediately spot where I needed to improve and I totally trusted his ability to enhance my game.

​Mat's programmes are tailored to us as individuals, but training alongside other athletes at the same time makes it much more fun and boosts motivation. Mat clearly works hard to make sure he is up to date on the science of S&C and is constantly adjusting his programmes and techniques to give us the best outcome. He creates effective and challenging exercises, and uses things like slow motion video to assess our form with great attention to detail.


He knows when we need a push and when we could do with a lighter session, taking into account how we feel on the day (physically and mentally), and is more than happy to advise about - and work around - any niggles or injuries. The focus is consistently on the on-pitch outcome (Mat will always check in after a match to see how it has gone) and I can see how each exercise translates to my performance. 


Since I started Sports Performance SGPT at Primal, I have never had more rapid progress in the gym; I quickly got PBs on all my lifts, I feel much stronger, and I can jump higher and run faster on pitch. My sprint form has got better, and I feel much more confident in big lifts. My friends have even commented that I look stronger.


Thanks to the programmes Mat designs for me, I am never bored in the gym and I always look forward to going, even at 6am! It’s so nice to leave my S&C in Mat’s hands and not have to worry about that area of my game, knowing that I’ll be physically prepared for competitions. 


The atmosphere at Primal is really friendly too; everyone is approachable and I have got to know lots of the other SGPT clients and Coaches. There's even free fresh fruit and coffee on offer when I come in to train! I have quite an unpredictable working week so was initially unsure if I’d be able to fit the sessions in, but I have had no problems. Mat is very accommodating and able to adjust sessions if necessary, meaning I can consistently go three times a week. 


I can’t wait to see how much I can continue to progress, and I would highly recommend Mat and Primal to anyone who wants to improve in their sport and have fun while doing it!

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