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Step 1: Strategy

We kick off your Primal journey with a free Strategy Session, which is a chance for us to find out what you want to achieve and why, and figure out what may have prevented you from achieving or maintaining your goals before.

Step 2: Metrics

Step on our state-of-the-art InBody machine to find out your weight, body fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass and more. We will talk you through your results and give you some advice on how to improve any areas that need work.

Step 3: Movement

Our functional movement screening will identify any instabilities, which we can show you how to correct. You will get coloured wristbands that correspond with any issues, so our Coaches can help you avoid injury while training.

Step 4: Coach

At Primal you'll never be left to your own devices. We will not only recommend the best course of action to help you achieve your goals, we will also coach you through that plan, monitoring your progress every step of the way.

Step 5: Monitor

Every month you will have a catch up with a Primal Coach to ensure you're making progress towards your goals. We even keep an eye on attendance - if you start to drift away we'll be in touch to see what we can do to help get you back on track.

Primal in the Press

Best gym in the UK for those who hate the gym. This gym's unique layout means there aren't rows of treadmills, bikes and TV screens. Instead, users can expect an array of interesting equipment so that your workout

never gets stale.

Primal is a gym with a personal touch, all aspects are designed to meet your individual needs, the staff show a genuine interest in setting you off on your fitness pathway and the range of equipment and classes are bound to keep your workouts both beneficial and entertaining.

If you’re bored of your usual workout, check out Primal Gym. You can get creative with your fitness regime at this Leeds gym – swing on the monkey bars, do a few rounds in the boxing ring or test your strength on the sled pull.


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Primal Gym, The Boulevard, Leeds Dock, Leeds, LS10 1PZ

Opening Times: Monday - Thursday: 6am - 10pm, Friday: 6am- 8:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 4pm.

These times are subject to change due to Covid-19 measures. For the latest update, click here.

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